Every Idahoan should have the opportunity to prosper. We are inspired every day by the commitment Idahoans make to work hard and raise families in our great state. A prosperous future relies on strong communities where businesses and workers create a robust economy that can support Idaho’s families. Sadly, low wages and underfunded schools continue to leave thousands of Idahoans behind.


Hardworking Idahoans value stability and should be able to work at good paying jobs that can support a family. A modern economy should include a level playing field where everyone who’s willing to work hard and take personal responsibility has an opportunity to succeed. We must support our traditional industries like agriculture, while diversifying our economy to make Idaho a national leader in advanced technology, clean energy and manufacturing.


As Idahoans, we value our families and should be able to send our kids to great schools, have access to quality healthcare and earn a secure retirement – no matter where we live. This means providing adequate funding for local schools, making community and four-year colleges more affordable, supporting apprenticeships and ensuring Idahoans don't have to overtax themselves through special levies just to keep the lights on in our schools.  People who work hard and play by the rules should get a shot at success.  That’s something we’ve always valued in Idaho.


Our public lands are part of our birthright. They define us as uniquely and essentially Idahoan and are a precious gift to be preserved for generations to come. We believe in common-sense solutions that improve our quality of life and hold government accountable for how it uses our tax dollars.


We can’t wait for our problems to solve themselves and we must work toward a brighter future - today. We are committed to a vision that puts today’s Idahoans and generations of Idahoans to come on a path to success. To that end, we offer Idaho’s Opportunity Roadmap—an outline of our principles and legislative goals to help every Idahoan prosper—especially our next generation. We hope you’ll join us in working to achieve these goals.



Senate Democratic Leader


House Democratic Leader

Paid for by the Idaho Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Mat Erpelding, Treasurer